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Our clients often share their transformative experiences with our holistic healing services. Here’s what they are saying about Dora’s Holistic Help.

Carol T., York, PA

Reiki with Crystals “I was skeptical about Reiki until I had a session with Dora. It’s hard to put into words, but I felt a shift in my energy and a sense of calm I haven’t felt in years. Highly recommend.”

David R., Lancaster, PA

Soul Retrieval “Dora’s Soul Retrieval session helped me unearth issues I didn’t even know were holding me back. I feel more connected to myself and others. This experience was eye-opening.”

Emily K., Virtual Session

Herbal Blessings “I was hesitant to try Herbal Blessings, but Dora customized the regimen to fit my needs. I’ve never felt better, and it’s all thanks to Dora’s expertise.”

Greg W., York, PA

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique “I’ve been to multiple practitioners, but Dora’s approach to QHHT was exceptional. The insights I gained have helped me make some significant life changes.”

Mary S., Lancaster, PA

Life Weaving Dowsing “Life Weaving Dowsing was an enlightening experience. I had been feeling lost, but the session helped me find direction. Dora is a true healer.”

Sandra L., York, PA

Past Life Regressions “Dora helped me explore past lives that gave me so much clarity on my current situation. This was an experience that truly changed the way I think about life.”

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