Uncover The Mysteries of Your Past Lives

Journey into your past lives to discover, heal, and understand with our specialized Past Life Regressions sessions. Serving clients in York, PA, Lancaster, PA, and surrounding areas, as well as offering virtual sessions via Zoom.

What are Past Life Regressions?

Explore, Heal, Grow: Past Life Regressions use hypnotherapy techniques to guide you back through time to previous lifetimes, where you can uncover insights that can be profoundly helpful in your current life.

  • Duration: 60-90 minutes
  • Cost: $175


Benefits of Past Life Regressions

  • Personal Insights: Discover more about your current relationships, career, and life purpose.
  • Healing Old Wounds: Address and heal emotional or psychological issues that have roots in past lives.
  • Spiritual Connection: Enhance your spiritual journey by understanding your soul’s past experiences.
  • Closure and Clarity: Find closure for unresolved issues and clarity about your current life direction.

How Does It Work?

A Past Life Regression session starts with a discussion to set your intention for the session. You will then be guided into a relaxed, meditative state using hypnotherapy techniques to explore and interact with your past lives.

Who Is This For?

If you are curious about your past lives, looking to heal current life issues that seem rooted in the past, or wanting to deepen your spiritual understanding, then a Past Life Regression session could be incredibly beneficial for you.

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